Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review: Chagrin Valley Butter Bar

I'm back again with another Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bar (I bought five in total), this time with the Chagrin Valley Butter Bar. I chose to use this one because my hair was flat ironed and the website said it was great for dry, processed, and heat treated hair. I ordered the sample size (1.5 OZ) for $2.70 from the Chagrin Valley website

Yes, there's a crack in my soap, but its because when I use shampoo bars I break a piece off then use that (so I don't use too much). 
What it does:
"A buttery lotion bar hair conditioner and natural shampoo combined into one super moisturizing bar. Cocoa, shea, and mango butters are protective emollients that penetrate deep to provide  nourishment for the hair shaft and protection against dryness and brittleness. A great natural shampoo for dry, processed and heat-treated hair." (taken from website)
My Experience:
I sectioned my hair into four twists, then proceeded to wash. The hair in my crown area always gets matted and extremely tangled to the point where I dread detangling that section. I decided to try finger detangling while I was shampooing, and though I did not get all the tangles out (I did later when I put in my leave in), I like that this product has a lot of slip. 

This is what my hair looked like after I rinsed it out. As you can see my hair is shiny and very moisturized. I also want to note that the bar has that same herbal/earthy as the Honey Bar, but of course when you rinse it out there isn't any smell. 
I washed my hair April 6, and today is April 9, and my hair is still moisturized, but I do need to refresh them.

Overall, I really like this shampoo bar, and it is my favorite so far. 

Have you tried any of Chagrin Valley's Products?

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