Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Review

If you read my last post, you probably know that I received the Spring Vox Box from Influenster, and one of the products in there was the Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Rough Rubber.
This is a styling product and is used for creating texture and has great hold. I used to to hold down my edges and it lasted the whole day. Here are some photos of how my hair looked:

Also, this products is as easy as applying gel to you hair. You just take a small amount and rub it between the palm of your hands, apply it on your damp or dry hair, and work it through your hair. 
If you are interested in buying this product, check out their website where you can also see all the products they offer.
Please note: I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure

It's Friday night and you're about to go out with the girls, but you look down at your hands and realize your nails are a mess. But you are leaving out shortly and don't have time to wait for the polish to dry. Sound familiar? Luckily, for times like these there are the imPress Press on nails from Broadway Nails.
This week was my graduation and luncheon and I didn't have time to do a full manicure so I decided to try the imPress Nails.

I love the packaging of this product. It comes in a fake nail polish bottle that holds all of the press on nails. I liked this because it gave me somewhere to put my extra press ons.

The nails were pretty easy to apply. The only problem I had was finding the right nail to match the size of my nail bed because my hands are a little on the small side. But once you find the right size, the rest is easy. First, I wiped the prep pad on my nail. Next I peeled of the backing (note if you have really short nails it might take more time to peel of the backing). Then, I matched the press on with my cuticle then pressed down on it.

I applied the press on nails on Sunday and today is Tuesday and they still are sticking to my nails. Overall, I do like this product and I would purchase these.
If you are interested in the imPRESS nails they retail for $5.99 for colors and $7.99 for patterns, and are available at CVS, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, KMart, Walgreens, Walmart and more.
Check out their website for exclusive coupons, and you can virtually try on the different colors and patterns they have.
Please note: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My week in photos: May 27-june 1st

Hey everyone!
I came up with this new idea to share my week in photos with you all because I am counting down to college. There about 11 weeks until I move in to college and I am so excited. So here's what I did this week:
This week was my senior prom! So this week I mostly did preparations for the big day:
Here is my prom dress. I absolutely love the ombre color of this dress, and I got it from the Frock Shop in Chicago. They allow you to rent dresses so you get them for a fraction of the cost than if you were buying it. With the earrings and clutch, I paid about $100, which isn't bad at all
On Thursday I went to the Adobe Foundation award ceremony and had a great time! This was the view  from the venue (Columbia College) Don't you just love Chicago? 
I got my hair done at Paul Mitchell the School. Since there are students doing the hair instead of professionals, the prices are significantly cheaper. I think my total was between $30 and $40 and I got a blow dry, flat iron, and special style (braided bun)

Here is my after prom meal. We went to this place called Eggsperience and I ordered strawberry pancakes that were DELICIOUS! And my entire meal only cost $13

What did you do this week? Share below in the comments
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