Monday, February 18, 2013

"me" Monday: learning to be patient

I am guilty of being the person who when they want something, they want it right now. Like college, I cannot wait to get out there and be free, and I want that freedom right now. But after telling my boyfriend this, he said "the only way to rush time is to be patient". I'll admit I was a bit thrown off and confused because he was trying to get philosophical on me.
Anyway, I get the gist of what he's trying to say and I will be putting this on my list of goals for 2013. How will I do this, you ask?
1. Focusing on today rather than the future.
-while it is good to have plans for the future, I tend to think about them so much that I neglect things that are happening now. Example: instead of doing homework or applying to scholarships, I'll be looking at houses I want in the future, and I'll get so involved in that, my homework gets done last minute.
-I will try to make things lists of things that need to be done now, and lists of things that can be done in the future with deadline next to them so that I can prioritize.
- from this list, each day I will check what needs to be done, do my higher priority items, then I can reward myself by looking at hair blogs or something.
Is patience a hurdle you are trying to jump over? What has worked for you?

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