Monday, April 1, 2013

Introducing MY Fitness Challenge

Hey everyone,
It is the beginning of a new month and my birthday is tomorrow, so I thought I would do something special this month. I enjoyed last month's "better me" challenge and I thought I'd do another one that's similar, but this one focuses on the body. Yes, this will be a fitness challenge. I'm pretty sure you have seen the 30 day sit up and squat challenge, but I looked at those and while they seem like a good idea, I know I will not have the time to be doing 250 squats in one day (at least not now, who know maybe I will later on) so I modified them. This week I will be doing a "warm up" exercise everyday, and next week I'll probable my modified versions of the sit up and squat challenges.
So this week's exercise will consist of (in the order that I will do them):

20 Squats
30 Lunges
40 Calf raises
50 second wall sit
50 jumping jacks
50 second wall sit
40 sumo squats
30 leg raises
20 squats
15 sit ups

Feel free to join me: show me your progress on twitter: @tiaj42, instagram @tiatamjam, or On  facebook: Affordable Appearance Blog

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