Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My week in photos: May 27-june 1st

Hey everyone!
I came up with this new idea to share my week in photos with you all because I am counting down to college. There about 11 weeks until I move in to college and I am so excited. So here's what I did this week:
This week was my senior prom! So this week I mostly did preparations for the big day:
Here is my prom dress. I absolutely love the ombre color of this dress, and I got it from the Frock Shop in Chicago. They allow you to rent dresses so you get them for a fraction of the cost than if you were buying it. With the earrings and clutch, I paid about $100, which isn't bad at all
On Thursday I went to the Adobe Foundation award ceremony and had a great time! This was the view  from the venue (Columbia College) Don't you just love Chicago? 
I got my hair done at Paul Mitchell the School. Since there are students doing the hair instead of professionals, the prices are significantly cheaper. I think my total was between $30 and $40 and I got a blow dry, flat iron, and special style (braided bun)

Here is my after prom meal. We went to this place called Eggsperience and I ordered strawberry pancakes that were DELICIOUS! And my entire meal only cost $13

What did you do this week? Share below in the comments

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