Saturday, July 13, 2013

Getting ready for college: step 1: get organized

I graduated high school and I am so excited to be going to college in a few short weeks! Now, I have to start packing for college and I thought I would share my process with you. Also, these tips can be applied to any situation that involves you packing (traveling, moving, etc). The first thing to do before you even start packing is to make a list of things you will need/ want to bring, if you don't know what to bring check out this checklist . Once you have an idea of what you will need to bring, you can start getting organized.
First, I went through my clothes and separated them into two piles: one for the ones I am keeping and one for the clothes I want to donate.
Note: this is the time to be honest with yourself, all your clothes may hold some sentimental value but you have to ask yourself  "will I really wear this again?". If you are having trouble here is a tip: take those clothing pieces and hang them on a hanger, making sure they are all facing the same way. After you wear one, hand it back on the hanger but facing in the opposite direction of the other clothes. Once a week or so passes by, which ever piece of clothing that hasn't been turned around, that is the piece that should be donated.
After you have completed this, it will help tremendously when you are packing away your clothes because you will have less clothes to worry about, and your last days before you leave will not be filled with the stress of deciding which clothes to bring to college.
Hope this help!

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