Monday, February 25, 2013

"me" Monday: stop comparing yourself to other people

I've noticed that when I see a post on Instagram of a beautiful woman, I start to compare myself to her; "why can't my hair look like that?" "my skin looks horrible compared to hers" etc, but in order to be a better me I need to stop. At the end of the day, I will be the one who is feeling inadequate not the woman in the picture.
How do I stop this feeling?
1. Addressing it: What about this other person is causing me to be jealous? Hair? Clothes? Their lifestyle?
2: Embracing it: Now that I have figured out why I feel certain feelings, I can start working on them. This problem is based on insecurities and lack of confidence; I feel this way because I feel that I am not good enough compared to this other person. Now, I can start to let go of these feelings and work on myself.
3. Ignoring it: Negative influences will only continue being negative if I allow them. For the time being I will get rid of all negative influences, this includes unfollowing people on Twitter and Instagram, if I feel they aren't a positive influence in my life.

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