Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm becoming a Product Junkie

When I decided to stop flat ironing, I was under the assumption that since I am a cheap person, I could find 1 conditioner, 1 leave in, and 1 styler and be done. I couldn't understand why other naturals were product junkies, and had tons of products on their bathroom sink.
There are so many hair lines marketed towards naturals, each with so many good ingredients that I want to try them all, but I know it isn't feasible on my budget
Here is a list of the products I want to try:

Amauri Hair Growth products (found this on Instagram)- these products are supposed to make your hair grow thicker and longer.
Oyin Handmade- natural hair and body products made with honey
Belle Butters-  these are butters for the hair and face
Darcy's Botanicals- a line with natural ingredients that a lot of people like
Chagrin Valley- I want to try their shampoo bars, and their website is VERY helpful
Bobeam- They have shampoo bars that I want to try as well and only $5!
Ynobe Shop- Her marshmallow root leave in sounds amazing (if you didn't know marshmallow root is a great detangler). Plus her products are not expensive.

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