Saturday, February 23, 2013

Relationships: don't let outsiders come between the two of you

I'm pretty sure by know you have heard of the Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade, and the alleged mistress situation If you haven't here is the rundown: Some women wrote an open letter to Gabrielle stating details of their affair (the plain tickets that Dwayne's brother bought for her, the nights in the hotel, how she would sleep on her side of the bed, etc) and Gabrielle took to Twitter to talk say that the woman is crazy. I know I'm young, but I know in these type of situations I know it is just best to just ignore the other person. That woman is just looking for attention and trying to get her 15 mins of fame, and by Gabrielle responding, she just fueled a media frenzy. I know it's hard to ignore someone when they are spreading rumors about you that you know are false, of course the natural reaction is to immediately fire back to shut them up. But by doing that, you give that person exactly what they want: attention. This is why if you are on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media site you prefer, and someone says something negative just delete that post. Trust me, their anger/disappointment at not being acknowledge will be way better than your anger at what ever they said.

Do not let outsiders come between you and your significant other. Just live your life and be happy, that is the best form of revenge.

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