Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Movie Lovers- have you heard of Hitbliss?

Are you a big fan of Redbox, Netflix, and Hulu? If so, you're going to LOVE Hitbliss. Hitbliss is similar to Hulu because you can stream tv shows and movies on the internet. But this website offers a ton more movies and tv shows, but the best part is you won't be interrupted by commercials. Instead you can either choose to pay to rent the movie through HitBliss Store, or you can earn money through Hitbliss Earn that you can use to pay for the movies/tv shows.
Hit Bliss Earn
With Hitbliss Earn you choose a few commercials to watch, and after watching them your account gets credited with money you can use for purchases. However, don't think you can just click on a commercial and pay no attention to it, you actually have to watch because there will be ways that require you to interact with the commercial.
HitBliss Store
The main difference between Hitbliss Store and Hitbliss Earn is that with the store you actually are purchasing the video, so you can watch it whenever you want, and with the earn option you can only rent it for 24 hours

Hitbliss is great, it has movies that haven't been released yet (I watched Flight last month) and if you want to join Hitbliss go to http://bit.ly/Y9mz7z and download Hitbliss and Sign up.

Let me know how Hitbliss works for you @tiaj42 on twitter, Affordable Appearance Blog on Facebook

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