Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Perfecting the twist out

 Two strand twists and twist outs are a natural's best friend, but it took me awhile to finally perfect it. I know you're wondering "how can she not know how to do a two strand twist? it's so easy!" Yes, I know but it turns out I wasn't using the right products, and my twists outs would come out dry and frizzy. But this time I used the LOC method (which you can find out about here) and I am loving the results. Keep reading for how I did it.

A flexi rod

My Leave in
I sort of did a twist and curl, I needed bigger perm rods though

I never know what to do with my bang so I just did a bantu knot (sort of)

 The Results

You can kind of see the curls at the bottom from the perm rods

Yeah, that bantu knot thing at the top....
The LOC method is definitely helping me keep my hair moisturized for longer. I'm telling you, you should try it!

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