Monday, March 4, 2013

Motivation Monday: Introducing a 30 day challenge

Hey everyone,
March is here which means Spring is on its way (even though it has been snowing almost everyday here). What better way to celebrate flowers blooming than to bloom into the person you want to be? In the past, I shared my goals and how I plan to accomplish them, but I think this should be more interactive which is why I created this challenge. Each week I will post tasks that will center on a weekly theme and help you become a better "you". Keep reading for what you will need

1. Subscribe: that way you know when new posts have been uploaded and you don't miss out on anything
2. An open mind: You will not become a better person if you are stubborn and keep the same mindset, and remember that changes will not happen overnight
3. "Unraveling 2013" this is a workbook that should aid you. You can find the workbook from my previous post here
4. Twitter and Instagram: use the hashtags #taab and #betterme so that I, and others, can see your progress

Tasks for this week:
-make a list of things you would like to improve in your life, or work on about yourself
-once you finish doing that, write down why you want to improve them and how you think these situations happened in your life
-do not throw the paper away, we will use this for something later

Good Luck!


  1. Wow, this is actually a good tip. Thanks for the share :)

    motivational thoughts

  2. Thank you, I hope everything works out for you and don't forget to check out this weeks post.


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