Monday, March 11, 2013

Motivation Monday Week 2: What makes you happy?

Hey everyone!
I hope last week's tasks were helpful in your quest to being a better you, and now on to this week's tasks. Also you probably noticed that I changed this challenge from a 30 day challenge to a five week one, because my schedule is pretty hectic right now (projects, scholarships, etc)
In order to be confident, you need to learn how to stay happy and positive, especially in trying times.

No matter who you are or what you do, there will always be haters, and those who love to see you mess up. Remember that post I made about not comparing yourself to others? Those ideas are similar to the reasons why you need to learn how to find your happy place. Think about a confident person you admire; when there are nay sayers, they don't let it affect them.

For this weeks tasks you will need:
-The Unraveling 2013 workbook (I gave you the link to this in my previous post)
- an open mind of course!

This weeks tasks:
1. Start thinking about what makes you happy. For me it's online shopping (most of the time it's just window shopping, because I can't afford half the stuff I look at haha), but it can be exercising, watching a movie, anything as long as it makes you happy.
2. Complete the Favorite day, moment page in Unraveling 2013,
-take a picture and share it with me on twitter @tiaj42 or instagram @tiatamjam
3. Complete the  "The Threes" page in Unraveling 2013 and share with me what you came up with.
4. Now that you know what makes you happy, whenever you feel negativity around you instead of responding to it, think about the tasks you accomplished this week. Do whatever makes you happy! Or even better, think about that favorite day/moment from 2012 and recreate it in 2013!
Good luck!!

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